How Interesting Custom Illustrations Strengthen Your Brand

If you’ve looked deeply at any of the top brands, their images and designs, you’ve likely noticed that they’re customized to exemplify who they are as a company, and custom illustrations are probably a big part of that.

 In this blog, we’ll explain:

  • Why stock imagery isn’t the standard anymore
  • What custom brand illustrations are
  • Why illustrations are important
  • How it can benefit your organization
  • And where you can go for high-quality illustrations of your own

Why Don’t We Use Stock Imagery Anymore?

In print, custom illustration has always played a significant role. Still, in digital media, popularity is just now starting to match that demand. However, cheap stock photography became the norm in digital media, and the accessibility of stock imagery undercut custom illustrations in digital products.

Stock photography is typically forgettable and generic. You need to go through thousands of stock photos before finding the perfect image that precisely conveys your goals. 

Hiring a photographer for your brand can be expensive, and most newer companies and startups don’t have it in the budget to have one on retainer. Some photos can be great but not unique enough or evoke the wrong feelings. Web products and solutions are also challenging to find images for because they aren’t concrete items.

Custom brand illustration services can truly step and shine in this arena. Illustration in branding doesn’t have those same limitations because something can literally be created from scratch that suits your specific needs.


Why Are Custom Illustrations Important?

Thanks to social media, brands and consumers are more connected than ever. Content is created daily at lightning speeds, and businesses must find a way to stand out in that crowd of faced-paced advertising. By working with someone to create a custom illustration design that you can carry across all your assets, you’ll be able to:

  • Create a visual signature for your brand
  • Craft a brand story that’s consistent across platforms (social, print, web, etc.), and
  • Enhance connections with consumers by improving brand recognition

Let’s dive into the purpose of custom illustrations even more.

The Purpose Of Custom Illustration in Branding

Custom illustrations for your company are more than just decorative. They are amazing tools for communication with your target audience. In fact, it’s a significant part of modern UI thanks to its valuable ability to communicate concepts quickly and easily. They can show (or illustrate) your audience how your products or service work and enhance the written content.

Custom imagery can simplify complex ideas, which can be particularly important in tech products where it helps users understand the ins and outs of your service or software. As digital products and services become more abstract, illustrated metaphors become a more and more effective tool as they articulate what is happening in a simple way.

Illustration in business marketing enhances your brand identity, helping to create a unique, memorable style that your users can easily remember. Illustrations can capture and communicate feelings, foster strong emotional connections, and make online experiences feel more personal. They can humanize a brand and help it seem less cut off and distant.

The Mascot Effect

Nowadays, customers tend to stick with a brand once it’s been drilled into their memory and they’ve had a chance to actually try it.

Brand mascots are an increasingly popular marketing strategy and help to personify your brand. A good mascot can help customers and clients strongly identify your brand with a certain product or service, creating a more memorable experience as the face of your business. 

These mascots can come in handy when you’re trying to communicate a product or service. It is especially crucial for web-based brands with no tangible product or service; here, a unique mascot gives viewers something to create that “relationship” when shopping. 

As with any other illustration, a great mascot enhances the user experience and acts as a friendly guide. It should never distract users.


How Can Custom Illustrations Help My Business?

Brand illustrations help companies stand out from the competition. They help a branding look to come together and create a seamless yet enjoyable user experience as they interact with your brand.

Instead of solely relying on a logo to do all your work, a logo/illustration combo allows your brand to create a host of assets that can work together across your marketing efforts. 

A strong, custom logo is extremely important. Still, you’ll truly kick things up a notch if you can expand on that icon with an illustration or set of illustrations.

Using custom illustrations for your website and print materials can also increase customer conversion rates. Whether selling a product or service or getting visitors to stop and read your articles or blog posts, you will likely retain more users if you use illustrative elements to break chunks of text.

What If I’m Not A Big Company? Can I Still Benefit From Custom Illustrations?

Not only do custom illustration designs benefit large companies, but they also work especially well for smaller brands and startups. Because logos, illustrations, and content can all work together to strengthen a brand, they’re valuable assets for any business. The graphics help strengthen the brand’s values and connect the company to its target audience. The same thing goes for the character illustrations.

Building a strong brand foundation from the very beginning can be a huge benefit to companies just getting started and will save you the headache of trying to go back and connect everything when you’re already up and running. Add custom illustrations to your pre-launch marketing checklist.

What Is A Custom Illustration Service?

Custom brand illustration services can help you to create custom assets, from logos to mascots to illustrative umbrella designs. An important part of unlimited graphic design services, there are many companies online that offer monthly plans for a flat rate.

One of the top providers of custom illustrations is Flocksy.

How Flocksy Custom Illustrations Work

Are you looking for ways to enhance your brand’s visual presence? Need a creative mascot or a hand-drawn logo? Or even a tattoo? Flocksy’s custom illustration service can help you craft the perfect image for your needs. Just follow these simple steps!

Request a Custom Illustration Project

What type of custom illustration design and style are you looking for? Flocksy’s talented team of illustrators can bring your vision to life. If you don’t know what type of design you want, that’s fine. The artists can provide a few examples to see what you like. Look around the web and find designs you love. Your artists can use them to inform your new illustration.

Review Your Proof

When they’ve created something, your illustrator will send you a design for approval. On Flocksy, you’ll have unlimited revisions to get it right. On average, their turnaround time is about 24 to 48 hours. What’s more, Flocksy’s artists are extremely dependable when it comes to quality. You’ll never get something subpar or unprofessional.

Utilize Your Custom Illustration

Once you’ve signed off on the design, you can start using the design all over your site, in your print material, and wherever you want! The artists will be sure to provide you with the file types you need, and you’ll have full ownership over the design.


What Do Unlimited Custom Illustration Services At Flocksy Include?

  • Avatar Creation
  • Character Design
  • Comic illustrations
  • Custom Brand Illustrations
  • Custom Line Art
  • Custom Typography
  • Illustrated Manuals
  • Mascot Design
  • Merch Illustrations
  • Portrait Illustrations
  • Product Illustrations
  • Storybook Illustrations
  • Tattoo Design
  • And much more

Flocksy’s custom illustration services can help you make the most of your company branding and keep it cohesive and coordinated when you use them for all your graphic designs. Flocksy also provides content and web development services, making them more than just a design resource. They can take care of all your creative content needs under one roof. It’s like having your own in-house design and content department.


Custom artwork and illustrations help create a visual signature that can make your product easier to understand and more engaging. 

If you’re looking for custom illustrations for your business, look no further than the unlimited design services at Flocksy.

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