Ramadan is the most awaited event in this country, as the majority of the Indonesian are Muslims. Traditionally, in the spirit of Ramadan traveling back home is one of the must things to do as we will celebrate Hari Raya with our loved ones.

It is been 2 years since the pandemic. A lot of people were missing their chance to come back home to their loved ones during the Ramadan. Finally, we are here now, we can travel back and celebrate Hari Raya as it is supposed to be! We are designing a special Eid Mubarak hamper as a sweet compliment to commemorate this moment. 

Inspired by the festivities of Eid Mubarak, bold, fun, and bright color combinations are used to celebrate these joyous moments. We hope that these special hampers can be the sweetest treats that can be shared with your family and loved ones during these special holidays.

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