Onça is a brand of artisanal chocolate born and produced in the Shetland islands in Scotland. The name is of Portuguese origin and means jaguar. The brand was born with the aim of creating a more divine and luxurious experience using the vast flavours that cocoa from around the world can have, selecting the best local and international ingredients, to celebrate the diversity of its fruits.

They approached us with the challenge of developing the brand identity and packaging system for their first product, with the premise that there should be a clear representation of the strength and ferocity of the Jaguar.

Chocolate is a source of joy for many people, it is bought as a gift, as a gesture of love and as a symbol of indulgence. We incorporated these ‘seductive’ traits in the brand and product while conveying the strength and fearlessness of the Jaguar. We created a brand identity and packaging that represents the jaguar in its habitat, a visual route that begins with striking and vibrant colors to represent biodiversity and ends with the interior of the packaging representing the heart and interior of the jaguar and its habitat with both the aroma of intense chocolate notes and the feel of the embossed rosette motifs.

Photos by René Funk
Set design by Sumiko Miura

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