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Testing Sites And Apps With Blind Users: A Cheat Sheet

This article focuses on the users of screen readers — special software that converts the source code of a site or app into speech. Usually, these are people with low vision and blindness but not

Exploring Universal And Cognitive-Friendly UX Design Through Pivot Tables And Grids

Tables are one of the most popular ways to visualize data. Presenting data in tables is so ubiquitous — and core to the web itself — that I doubt many of you reading this have


Primitive Objects In JavaScript: When To Use Them (Part 2)

Writing programs in JavaScript is approachable at the beginning. The language is forgiving, and you get accustomed to its affordances. With time and experience working on complex projects, you start to appreciate things like control

How To Enable Collaboration In A Multiparty Setting

As Artificial Intelligence becomes more widespread and pervasive, the transition to a data-driven age poses a conundrum for many: Will AI replace me at my job? Can it become smarter than humans? Who is making

iA Presenter: A Case Study On Product Pricing Considerations

This article is a sponsored by iA So, you’ve created a thing. That thing could be anything, say a product the world never knew it needed or maybe a stellar SaaS app that makes everyone