The founder of AOKKA Robin is a doer who loves coffee, feels passionately about outdoors and record. Advocating freedom and romance, willing to share his coffee world. About 10 years ago, he was back to Melbourne, Australia to recording coffee tour with photographer, to let coffee lovers know more about specialty coffee story.

By introducing the aim of the wild club, Aokka relies on the sensual world of coffee to express the pursuit of independence and freedom, the determination and expectation of being adventurous, and face up to the unknown with an outlandish attitude.

COFFEE FOR RAWMANCE, this design concepts to support the entire brand’s visual language. Coffee crops grow up in the wilderness around the world, after cultivating, harvesting, processing into green coffee beans. Each sack of green coffee bean though transportation arrives at their destination, and has AOKKA shipping labels and unique sealing rope. We design and use them into exclusive AOKKA’s visual language, also for brand packaging system.

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