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Smashing Podcast Episode 43 With Matthew Phillips: What Is Astro?

In this episode, we’re talking about Astro. Will this modern static site builder launch you into the stratosphere? Drew McLellan talks to developer Matthew Phillips to find out. Show Notes Astro Matthew’s personal site Matthew

How to Sell UX Research with Two Simple Questions

Do you find yourself designing screens with only a vague idea of how the things on the screen relate to the things elsewhere in the system? Do you leave stakeholder meetings with unclear directives that

Brand Identity for Fine Grazing by BothFine Grazing are known…

Fine Grazing are known for their high quality, design-led grazing tablescapes featuring ingredients from Melbourne’s leading food artisans. Working closely with the Fine Grazing team, Both implemented a new approach to their brand positioning and

A Content Model Is Not a Design System

Do you remember when having a great website was enough? Now, people are getting answers from Siri, Google search snippets, and mobile apps, not just our websites. Forward-thinking organizations have adopted an omnichannel content strategy,

Brand Identity & Packaging for AOKKA by Low KeyThe founder…

The founder of AOKKA Robin is a doer who loves coffee, feels passionately about outdoors and record. Advocating freedom and romance, willing to share his coffee world. About 10 years ago, he was back to